Loaves and Fishes Group

St. Michael’s Loaves and Fishes prepares and delivers meals, on Wednesdays of each week, to the sick and shut-in of our parish, of a family or friend of a parishioner or of the St. Florian community. Enough is usually sent to a client that would provide two meals. On average, 50-60 meals are delivered each week.

A basket is in the church vestibule for food donations. Monetary donations in memory or honor of a friend or family member should be placed in an envelope marked “Loaves and Fishes’ and dropped in the collection basket or mailed to the church office. It will be picked up at the office by a Loaves and Fishes member.

Items most needed include institutional-sized cans of fruits and vegetables, large bags or boxes of pasta, gallon containers of Ragu, mayonnaise, pickles, olive oil, etc.—- anything large, or if small, in multiple quantities. Three or four times each year, boxes of non-perishable foods are taken to several clients.

Loaves and Fishes also provides a bereavement meal to families of St. Michael’s clients, on the day of the visitation. If the family does not want or need a meal on that day, Loaves and Fishes assists the Sunshine Committee with the bereavement meal following the funeral.

To volunteer your help, call the church office at 256-764-1885 and you will be put in contact with the group. Loaves and Fishes meet every Wednesday at 8am in the Parish House, just west of the Church.